The Green Fog

Cleveland's True Hero

The Green Fog and Kid Fog keep watch over Cleveland's streets.

"Never fear, the Fog is here!"

Who doesn't remember the famous words uttered by The Green Fog, Cleveland's True Hero? If you're of certain age and grew up in Ohio, you almost certainly do. The Green Fog was a locally-produced TV show that aired from 1981 to 1985 in most major markets across Ohio. Produced by WCLA in Cleveland, The Green Fog captured our hearts as he foiled the villains of Ohio.

Jack Everett was a mild-mannered reporter for the Cleveland Gazette when, on assigment in Toledo, he discovered a mysterious glowing green artifact. As he approached, the light grew brighter and Jack gained incredible superhuman abilities, like the ability to create a green fog from is hands as well as super-sight and high-jumping and chose to use them for the greater good. "By the light of the ancients," the Green Fog was born.

The Fog Mobile.

Clad in a green supersuit, The Green Fog became a symbol of hope and justice in Cleveland, racing around the streets of town in his Fog Mobile, a trail of green smoke following behind.

In its second season, to add an element of fun and to appeal to a younger audience, the show introduced a sidekick named Kid Fog. Kid Fog, whose real name was Tommy Turner, was a resourceful and quick-witted orphan who became The Green Fog's trusted apprentice. Kid Fog used his Book of Codes to crack Cleveland's hardest ciphers and riddles. From the moment that Kid Fog joined the show, The Green Fog was a runaway hit for WCLE. Some say that in 1983 every child in Ohio dressed as Kid Fog for Halloween.

The Green Fog's Rogues Gallery

The Green Fog and Kid Fog fought a diverse range of supervillains, each with their own unique abilities and evil intentions. Here's a look at some of his most famous foes.

The Tigress

Who can forget The Green Fog's battles against The Tigress, his arch nemisis, who was able to control animals in captivity. The Tigress would often attack The Green Fog with a legion of dogs or cats, prompting Kid Fog to exclaim "Dog-gone it, Fog, not again!"

The Tekno-King

Equipped with the latest high-tech gadgets and gizmos, The Tekno-King used his technological prowess to control electronics in Cleveland. In the episode "Green Light Go," he controlled all the stoplights in town and ground the entire city to a halt.

The Purple Twins

Most children in Ohio remain terrified of The Purple Twins, a pair of villains who kidnapped Kid Fog in the 1984 two-parter "Fog Town." The outcry over the hideous torture that they subjected Kid Fog to meant that the two-part episode was never replayed.

The End of the Green Fog

Due to budget cuts at WCLA, as well as the station's inability to grow the show outside Ohio, the Green Fog ceased production in 1985. It stayed in continuous syndication across Ohio for 20 more years. There have been various attempts to revive the series, nothing has ever come to pass.

Tom White, the actor who wore the green supersuit of The Green Fog, died of pnemonia in 1989. The streets of Cleveland were filled with mourners dressed in green. He is buried in Calvalry Cemetery where his gravestone reads "Never Fear."

After playing Kid Fog, Barry McDonnell finished his schooling and went on to earn a degree in criminology at Ohio State University before becoming a detective in Marietta, Ohio where he still works. While his childhood was spent fighting fictional crime, McDonnell has dedicated his life to solving real ones.

To this day, The Green Fog remains a beloved part of Ohio's television history. It stands as a testament to the power of superheroes to inspire and ignite the imagination, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of Ohians who watched it during the 1980s.